a house for individualists with a sense for community

open for students, workers and tourists

Soledaria is a private residential project with the aim to provide simple and affordable housing. The offer is open to everybody, but is primarily aimed at the students of the Academia Teatro Dimitri.

We rent 29 rooms for extended periods to people who are looking for affordable housing in the Locarno area for work, education, training or other reasons.

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We are a small , random ragtag community. We respect individual needs. For a good atmosphere in the house all its residents are equally responsible. This includes the attitude with which we meet each other and everything that contributes to the feeling of homeliness. We wish for all inhabitants of the Soledaria to feel at home.

The rooms have a simple décor with washbasin. Showers and toilets are located on the floors. Two lounges with piano, guitar, TV, Billiard, tabletop soccer, four kitchens and the laundry are shared by everybody. Free Internet.

The large, natural garden, a sunny terrace in front of the house and a pergola with barbecue are freely accessable for all. Whoever wants, can even maintain a vegetable patch in the garden.





Ostello Soledaria

Cantoi 19

CH - 6654 Cavigliano