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Master students

We have an agreement with the Accademia Teatro Dimitri to reservate 6 rooms to foreign master students who start their studies in September. All our rooms are very diffrent in size, equipement and alignement. Every room has it's own atmosphere and charm.

All master rooms have the same price: 320.-/month. The rent includes electricity, heating, W-Lan, common kitchen, lounge, common rooms, garden, terrace and bycicle room. Using the washing machine (2.-) and dryer (3.-) is not included.

It's possible to change the room if we have free rooms in this category.


Master rooms are guaranteed for a period of one year (normally even for two years).

If you like to stay above please let us know as soon as possible. Our low budget rooms are in great demand.


other stutents

We invite you to request.  All our low budget rooms are in great demand. It can be done with a little bit of luck!

0041 78 694 73 04