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Students of the Accademia Dimitri


Usually about 6-8 students of the Accademia find their home in our house. Depending on how many rooms are free in August/September, every year we (can) take a small number of new students. Prices depend on the size of the room and if there is a balcony or not. The average price is about 380.-. Large rooms with balcony are about 470.- to 490.-, The smallest one is 300.-/month.


Often, we don't know if and which and how many rooms, and when the rooms will be free. This because we are depending on the decisions of the students, that are living already in the house, if and when they will leave.



The rent includes electricity, heating, access to the common kitchen, garden and bicycle room.


Please contact us, for more informations.

0041 78 694 73 04